Intellectual Property - let's talk

Do I have any intellectual property?

Whether you’re a garage inventor, a startup founder, or an R&D expert at a Fortune 500 company, your ideas are the most valuable asset you have—and Protector Law can help you protect them

If you have a new invention you may need a patent.

If you have a brand name, or offer goods or services, you may need a trademark.

If you create an original artistic work, you may need a copyright.

If you have valuable information that you have not disclosed publicly, you may have a trade secret

How can Protector Law help with intellectual property?

We assist our clients with the procurement, licensing, and enforcement of their intellectual property. We focus on drafting patent, trademark, and copyright applications; prosecuting them to issuance; and successfully enforcing them at the administrative, trial court, and appellate levels. We also render IP opinions, and draft and negotiate various agreements relating to IP, technology, and entertainment.