How Microfinancing May Change the Borrowing Landscape for Your Business

In the past, small businesses relied on bank loans when in need of extra funds. Although new to the scene, microfinance lenders now offer additional flexible funding alternatives for small businesses.


Originally used to fund entrepreneurs in underdeveloped countries who lacked the resources, credit history and stability to pursue traditional finance options, microloans are now helping small business across the U.S. meet consumer demands and achieve strategic growth.


The average microloan is $10,000. This may seem like a nominal amount, but microlenders are finding that their borrowers often turn small loans into big success with a success rate twice the national average.


But what makes a micro-borrower positioned for greater success when compared to those that rely on traditional bank loans or credit cards? It all comes down to relationships, accountability and moderation, elements often overlooked by big banks.


Stronger Relationships

Microlenders typically invest more than just money in their borrowers. They spend more time getting to know their borrowers on a personal level before lending, which often leads to borrowers striving to meet or exceed the lender’s expectations. 


Group Accountability

Many microlenders lend to lending circles. Groups of small businesses borrow together, support each other and in some cases are even accountable for each other’s loans. There’s nothing like camaraderie and moral support to encourage success.


Small Loans

As the name would suggest, microloans are small, typically capped at $50,000 with an even smaller average. Because of the limited funds being borrowed, small businesses tend to make more careful and strategic use of smaller amounts of money than you might if getting too much money in one lump sum.


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